Poppymint Pals

Welcome to the world of the Poppymint Pals! Our products make everyday routines creative and fun and they help to strengthen the special bond between parent and child. Our products are made with clean ingredients – we don’t use any parabens, SLS or anything that you can’t pronounce! Our colorants are all naturally derived. We use pure Essential oils and if we use a fragrance then we make sure that it doesn’t contain any phthalates. We want you to be confident that the products we make for your little ones are safe and natural. We are a small female owned business and we produce each Poppymint Pals product in small hand batches in our local commercial kitchen in sunny Southern California!


Little One Little One Time for a bath
Little One Little One Time for a laugh
Little One Little One You've had a busy day
Little One Little One Let's relax while we play
Little One Little Breathe in deep
Little One Little One The day is almost done
And soon you'll be cozy and dreaming of fun!